Informations about the Foundation

Foundation UWOLNIENIE was registered in 1992 in court registry with number 2653. Foundation’s mission is providing help to substance addicted individuals, unemployed persons, disabled individuals and individuals being in an emotional or social crisis or in serious difficulties. Main stream of our activities is to conduct therapy and training sessions. A few thousands of individuals made use of both options already. Country-wide trainings, that we provide are targeting mainly psychotherapists, professional development counsellors, social workers. Therapeutic programs cover struggling with dependences, developing abilities to manage crisis situations, psychiatric and psychological assistance.  An important area of our activities is providing programmes and trainings concerning professional development counselling. Those are foreseen for young individuals wishing to undertake their own business, to people with disabilities and individuals excluded from the labour market and long term unemployed persons. Moreover we did prepare a guide for people with disabilities interested in starting their own business.  We did constitute The Centre for Professional Activation and Trainings Ltd – the company dealing with occupational activation of unemployed persons, running of workshops and  professional trainings, providing of psychological  and career counselling. The foundation takes part in conferences concerning social problems, where we present our achievements, our programmes and our innovative projects in the area of professional activation and assistance to socially excluded or marginalized  individuals.


Important dates:

1992 – registration of the Foundation “UWOLNIENIE” in court registry under number 2653;

1994 – creating of the Municipal Centre of Alcohol – Related Problems Prevention by the Lódź Municipality  based on the Centre run by the Foundation;

1995 – initiation together with the Batory Foundation and with the University of Łódz of the Postgraduate Studies in Dependencies Resistance Building and Dependencies Treatment

1996 – creation of authorial programme for professional activation of persons with dependencies and long term unemployed persons together with the municipal Centre of Social Welfare;

 – setting of the Occupational Activation and Trainings Centre  Ltd  (100% share of the Foundation);

 – opening of the Dependencies Treatment, Chronic Stress and Life Crisis Treatment Centre within the Foundation UWOLNIENIE;

1998 – registration of the Educational and Psychological Lifelong Learning Establishment  recorded by the Chief Education Officer  under number 559;

2005 –   introducing of the Foundation UWOLNIENIE into the registry of training organizations of the Lodz District Employment Office;

2007 – opening  of the first Social Integration Centre within the diistrict;

2011 – the Foundation UWOLNIENIE is opening social cooperative named NOVENTA;

2013 – the Foundation UWOLNIENIE is opening social cooperatives named  VIERO and VERONA;

2013 –  the Social Integration Centre is being  turned into an agency.

Our staff: psychologists, educationists, sociologists, professional counsellors, doctors, dependencies therapists and  project specialists.