Therapy Centre for Dependences

The Therapy Centre for Dependences and Life Crisis Treatment of the Foundation „Uwolnienie” has existed in Lodz since 1992. During those years we have helped many patients to manage their own dependency or the dependency of their family members; to deal with life crisis and chronic stress accompanying persons with dependencies, to help persons touched by life tragedies; to handle emotional problems of victims of violence and originators of violence; we have been providing assistance to the imprisoned as well.  We are broadening the range of our assistance to the persons in difficulties with different origins.

nfzIn the framework of the contract with the National Public Health Fund we are realising following services free of charge:

Mental Health Clinic:

  • psychotherapeutic assistance for persons in life crisis situations, living under chronic stress or having difficulties to feel life joy and contentment (individual sessions with the psychologist or psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic group activities);
  • counselling and psychiatric care (including persons with dependences);

Therapy Centre for Dependences:

  • we are running therapy for: alcohol, gambling, sex, nicotine dependent persons
  • we are offering group therapy (education and therapeutic activities) and individual therapy,
  • we are striving to provide other forms of support for persons in the recovery process (we are cooperating with Bank Żywności, what enables us to prepare and to provide food to the persons in need);
  • we are also helping the family members and relatives of alcohol dependent persons or harmfully drinking persons– we are offering assistance to the partners of alcohol dependent persons (co-dependency psychotherapy) and to the Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Day care programme for alcohol dependent persons:

  • programme includes individual therapy and group therapy 5 days per week (from Monday until Friday).
  • therapy participants are receiving a warm meal on a daily basis (lunch)
  • there is no need to provide the referral from the Municipal Social Welfare Centre.
logo ŁodziMoreover within the framework of the programmes financed by the Health Department of the city of Lodz persons without health insurance can participate in the following programmes:

Programme for harmful drinking of non-dependent persons:

  • Meetings enabling the non-dependent but harmfully drinking persons to see the consequences of the own alcohol misuse and to decrease the risk of developing an alcohol dependence syndrome;

Programme for violence victims:

  • The goal of the therapy is to enable the person experiencing violence in any form to stop it (physical, emotional, sexual and other forms of violence);
  • We are offering psychological support as individual sessions and (optional) group therapy;

Programme for violence originators:

  • Individual sessions and group sessions aiming at handling of difficult emotions that the patient has been acting out in form of aggression and violence in relations with other persons;
  • Trainings of constructive behaviours, leading to decrease of the internal pressure level and lowering the experienced frustration level;